Winter Weather Message


It’s Winter Time! 

· Slow down! Give the plows plenty of room.

· Plowing driveways across roadways is dangerous and against the law. Anyone plowing snow across the road will be subject to a violation and may be issued an appearance ticket.

· Vehicles parked or disabled on the road prevent proper snow removal. The vehicles are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

· Damage done to mailboxes by snowplowing or thrown snow is not intentional. It is town policy not to repair or replace mailboxes which are damaged as a result of normal and proper snowplow operations.

· This message is to help keep you safe and help us to do an efficient job of plowing snow this winter. Thank you.

Questions or comments;

Thurston Highway Supt. Richard Gauss Jr.- 776-6507

Work within right of way

Anyone doing driveway work or any work within the right of way must contact the highway superintendent for a permit.  There is no charge for this permit.

Upcoming Roadwork

Upcoming Road Projects 2019:

Yet to be determined.

Thurston Highway Department Crew

Richard Gauss

Richard Gauss

Richard Gauss


Highway Superintendent

40 years of service.

8 as superintendent

Randy Akins

Richard Gauss

Richard Gauss


Deputy Highway Superintendent

22 years of service

Thomas Stephens

Thomas Stephens

Thomas Stephens


10 years of service

Bruce Akins

Thomas Stephens

Thomas Stephens


7 years of service

Thurston Highway Deparmtnet

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Town of Thurston NY

4525 County Route 24, Cameron Mills, New York 14820, United States

Shop Phone: (607)776-6507

Winter Hours

Open today

07:00 am – 03:30 pm

Summer Hours:  Monday-Thursday  6:00AM - 5:30PM

Superintendent Home Phone: (607)776-4813

Deputy Superintendent Home Phone: (607)-776-5177